Ceramics Inspired by Nature

The Woodland Whimsy product line is inspired by a lifetime spent in and around woodland landscapes in many countries. The forest has fed and clothed and nurtured civilisation since prehistoric times.


From the vast wilderness of the western Canadian coastal rain forests to the quiet and gentle groves of the British Isles, woodlands have nurtured and fed the human imagination for thousands of years.


The woods are both mysterious and welcoming, both dark and bright, and combine the search for inner peace with a need for an active life. We explore these cathedrals of nature as we explore our inner self to try to find a balance between modern conveniences and harmony with nature.


In the Woodland Whimsy collection you will find items to inspire your own exploration of the forest landscape. The woods are a place of daydreams where your thoughts can roam as freely as your feet.


There are magical mushrooms, colourful fantasy creatures and characters, woodland animals and birds. Some pieces are purely decorative while others are finely functional. Some are true to nature but others may take a fanciful turn.


There are incense holders, vases, plant pots large and small, desk friends, air plant holders, fairy garden miniatures, and animals to bring your love of the forest, nature, and fantasy into your home and sacred spaces.

Each item in the Woodland Whimsy product line has been designed by the artist (even-star Hancock) and each unique piece is made, fired, and glazed by the artist.


All of the heirloom quality ceramics pieces are unique and come with a certificate of authenticity that records the serial number of the item, the year it was made, and the signature of the artist.


Every Woodland Whimsy collection piece is fired to over 1000 degrees Celsius, decorated with a variety of glazes and frits, and fired again to 999 degrees Celsius.

Marvellous Mushroom Incense Holders

Each unique pottery incense holder can hold both incense sticks, using the hole in the middle of the mushroom cap, and incense cones which sit nicely in the little dish.


These unique mushroom incense holders measure approximately 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. This makes them ideal for large and small spaces alike.

mushroom incense burner 7822.JPG

Peppermint Glow

A mix of matte glowing volcanic colour and glossy pink peppermint. 

mushroom incense burner _8061.JPG

Vermillion Moss

A bright red speckled glossy cap with a satin blue and green dish.


Kaleidescope Sky

A glossy rainbow hued cap with a shiny sky blue dish for incense cones.


Blushing Emerald

A variegate pink glossy cap with a dark mottled emerald green dish.


Volcanic Plum

A matte glowing volcanic cap with a glossy speckled light plum dish.

miniature mushroom incense holder _8420.

Fruity Amber

A shiny fruity speckled cap with a glowing amber and ochre dish.

Sherbert Lemon small ceramic mushroom in

Sherbet Lemon

A glossy pale lemon dish with fruity orange, green, and blue flecked cap.

lilac pixie handmade ceramic incense hol

Lilac Pixie

A glossy smoky lilac dish with pink, purple, and blue flecked cap.

jazzy jade mushroom incense burner

Jazzy Jade

A satin jade green dish with yellow, purple, and green flecked cap.

Spiffy Sprites Mini Pots/Air Plant Holders

Each unique pottery air plant holder can also be used as a mini plant pot. These miniature planters make charming desk decor. The number of flowers and position of the face can vary from piece to piece.

These unique air plant holders measure approximately 1 inches wide and 1 inches tall. This makes them ideal for gifting and mailing.

miniature plant pot DSC_0006 .JPG


A little yew tree sprite. Dark green with bright orange flowers.

miniature ceramic plant pot _8437.JPG


A little elm tree sprite. Light matte green with shiny pink flowers.



A little wild plum tree sprite. Light satin purple with speckled pink flowers.

Outrageous Owls

Who (see what I did there) doesn't love owls! They come is all shapes and colours. Some even function as incense holders.

pair of studio pottery owls

Perfect Pair

I used to sell owls as singles but they always looked so sad going to their new forever home alone so now they come in pairs. About 1" tall

handmade ceramic owl incense holder

Pretty Pink

This little terracotta studio potter owl ornament doubles as an incense stick holder. Pink and white glazed with natural clay. About 1" tall

Fantastic Fungi Fairy Garden Miniatures

These tiny mushrooms are sold in sets of six but can be ordered in larger quantities. They come is all shapes and colours.

These unique ceramic mushroom miniatures measure approximately 1 inches tall and 1/4 inch wide. They can be used to decorate potted plants, terrariums, desks, and fairy gardens.

miniature ceramic toadstools _8256.JPG
miniature handmade ceramic mushrooms _85

Each set of six is random and unique.

Order in sets of 6 or in bulk.

Minimum bulk run is 50.