Potty Planters

With more people working at home there is the need to make space in the home more comfortable and fun for working in!

It is important to be able to separate that space for working from your space for living and there are so many fun ways to do that as well as bring more life and oxygen into your home environment.

That is what inspires the Potty Planters collection. These are cute studio pottery ceramic pots for indoor plants. 

They are designed to keep you company as engaging desk friends (for all those times you need to vent after a conference call there no one else is available) and to act as small ceramic desk top planters for cacti, succulents, or any other greenery. 

They will be dedicated co-workers and therapists for your home office space. You will love going to work in the morning.

Each Potty Planter is made entirely by hand from ceramic clay. All of them are designed, made, and decorated by the artist. 

They are first formed from ceramic clay and fired to 1080 degrees Celsius. They are then glazed by hand and fired again to 1000 degrees.

They come is a variety of styles and colours and customisation of text can be requested.

Each planter is about 4 inches high with a diameter of approximately 2.5 inches.


Please Don't Kill Me

Made especially for the person who loves potted plants but just doesn't have the green thumb to keep them alive.

They come in a variety of rainbow colours.

The text can even be changed upon request.


Cactus Behbehs

These are funny faced little cactus planters.

Usually glazed in a green with colourful accents for their cactus blossoms which decorated the surface the studio pottery piece. 

funny plant pot _7980.JPG

Hula Dood

Inspired by many trips to the big island of Hawaii, this little potty planter sports some tropical flowers and an inquisitive nature.

They sort of remind of of tikis and hula dancers with flowers in their hair.

studio pottery plant pot with face


These little tree stumps have flowers and are beautifully glazed in copper aventurine which give a deep brown with gold accents.



I make these little pig pots in a wide variety of colours. People just seem to love pigs for some reason.