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They were supposed to be bunnies...

Creating heirloom quality handmade ceramics is not always an easy journey. Trying to sell heirloom quality handmade ceramics is definitely not an easy journey.

Starting up in the midst of a pandemic was not really the best idea I have ever had but really, if one waited for the right time to start anything, nothing would ever start!

Starting up with handmade ceramics on a shoestring and starting up online instead of launching at craft shows and in boutiques has been an interesting lesson in product marketing.

Online and Etsy is a totally different world with a completely different kind of competition from what I was expecting in the analogue world. It has taken some pretty quick shifting to figure out what niches I can fit into without compromising my vision (not a very commercial mindset I know) of producing beautiful, long lasting ceramic items for the home.

I am still trying to get into living three months in the future. You want stuff in the shop for Valentines day you better get your shit together in November.

If you want to make sure that people have Easter and Mother's Day things to buy then you better be filling that kiln with bunnies in January.

Which brings us to these guys...

Believe me when I went in to the Shed I had every intention of making a whole boatload of bunnies for the Easter season.

Instead you got these... uh... I am not sure what they are...

Little ghosties? Is it Halloween?

Don't get me wrong, these little pottery creatures are pretty stinking cute and will be even cuter when they are glazed.

But what are they? This is where the world of online handmade markets gets frustrating for creative people. Everything needs a label so everyone can find what they are looking for. But who is looking for these? It is the kind of thing that would sell well in a boutique. They are a cute little impulse buy.

You don't know what you are looking for but somehow these just want to come home with you.

So I am not sure if these little ceramic creature creations will ultimately end up in my Etsy shop. They were so much fun to make though.

What colours do you thing they should be?

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