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The Boyz Are Back In Town!

So this week there was a definite flurry of activity as I worked to turn around a kiln of bisque ware.

For those who might not be in the know about the ceramic process, most pieces of handmade ceramics go through two "firings". That is to say each piece gets baked twice.

The first firing is called the bisque fire. This is where the piece first becomes vitrified. This means the piece can no longer return to a wet state.

For my #handmadeceramics the bisque firing goes to about 1060 degrees Celsius. This makes the earthenware clay as hard and impervious as it can possibly get.

Once a piece of ceramic art has been bisque fired it can be glazed. Glazes are materials that contain a certain amount of glass and other things that melt at high temperatures. This makes the ceramics pieces shiny (or sometimes not) depending on the materials used and effect desired. Once painted the piece is fired again. For my handmade ceramics this second baking gets to about 1000 degrees Celsius.

So bisque firing week is always a super busy week because I need to turn around the pieces quickly in order to restock the store. It was a long couple of days glazing lots of new stock!

I was most excited to have lots of The Doods to glaze. I even have a new colour-way which is this lovely creamy pale lemon.

Who can resist that cute little face?!?!?

And there are loads more in stock now.

This is Cucumber Dood

I really love this pale blue colour.

And finally the smoky lilac Dood has been a best seller.

If you would like to see what Doods are available to take home, CLICK HERE

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