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Sacred Spaces and Seasonal Colours

I am very excited to be announcing three new additions to the Sacred Spaces collection of studio ceramic incense holders and accessories.

These handmade ceramic incense stick holders have been inspired by the Winter and Spring seasons and reflect the natural beauty of the British countryside.

These original studio pottery incense holders are on sale until February 19th, 2021. They are £10.72 with the 25% discount.

The estuaries of eastern Essex are a varied, interesting, and beautiful landscape and these three new colour combinations are inspired by this area. It sits between London and the sea and is an ethereal world of marshes, woods, and water.

It is a haven for wildlife and wild flowers. The big skies host breathtaking sunsets. I love that I have been able to incorporate my passion for this landscape into the the Sacred Spaces handmade ceramics collection because this landscape offers so many lovely and sacred spaces of its own.

Primrose Path

The name of this handmade ceramic incense holder refers to the beautiful creamy primrose yellow on the main body of the piece. It is inspired by the first days of spring when primroses, cowslips, and daffodils peak through the deep mossy shadows of the woods. The pale yellow is complemented by a bright dash off coloured frits.

Winter Sky

The name refers to the very pale blue of the main body of the pottery incense holder that is inspired by the mid-winter sky. Accents of darker blues as well as shades of brown and mocha are meant to bring to mind a big winter sky over the brown fields and estuaries of eastern Essex.

Twilight Rose

The name of this heirloom quality ceramic piece refers to the light pink of the main body which is inspired by the pink evening skies over the Thames estuary. Pinks, purples, and blues combine to complete the effect of spring twilight and bring to mind frosty cottage gardens and delicate spring blooms.

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