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Happy Birthday to Me!

One of the great things about being a ceramic artist is that you can make yourself beautiful heirloom quality ceramic gifts any time you want!

Spoiler alert: your family will never get sick of receiving heirloom quality ceramic gifts. At least they won't tell you to your face if they are.

But even better than giving handmade pottery to your friends and relatives is giving handmade pottery to yourself!

Even if I do have to make it myself for my own birthday.

The story behind this piece, a ceramic desk caddy and eyeglass holder, is that when I turned 40 I needed to finally get glasses for my sad aging eyes. I never had to deal with these necessary accessories before and I am still very poor at keeping track of where they are.

At last I am tired of forever wondering where they are and decided to make myself a gift for my up coming birthday. A place to put my glasses and pens and other bits and pieces that generally sprawl over whatever flat surface is serving as a desk for that particular moment.

My logic is that with something so lovely to put my glasses on I might be more motivated to put them away properly.

I was really pleased with how this ceramic eyeglass holder turned out. It is the perfect size to keep my phone in as well.

It is made from terracotta ceramic clay rather than white stoneware and it was a sort of glazing experiment. I wasn't sure how these glazes would turn out on the brown clay and it was pleasantly surprising how well they blended and came out on the darker tone of pottery.

I actually made two of these. The other one, a funny owl where the glasses sit on the beak, went to my partner for fixing just about everything around my house. Sadly there aren't any pictures and now the pottery owl lives on his desk and takes care of his glasses and his computer mouse. Which, considering the ceramic desk caddy is an owl, is rather funny and perhaps a bit dark.

I hope that having a beautiful piece of ceramic art will help me keep track of my glasses and pens but even if my glasses end up somewhere else I will still have this lovely piece to look at on my desk.

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