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So when you have a shed full of pottery paraphernalia you can sometimes lose track of things.

Apparently for over 10 years.

This Duncan Mystic Blue glaze is one I just started using last year for my Sacred Spaces heirloom ceramics product line. It is the main colour for the Mystic Carnival ceramic incense stick holders. It was sort of at the bottom of a box in the corner. It was mixed in with some fairly new purchases so I thought nothing of it when I made some test tiles.

I love the mottled blue/green effect of this ceramic glaze. It adds lovely tone and texture even in low firing. It is perfect for the Sacred Spaces incense burners.

I noticed with the last batch of pottery incense burners that I was running low and hopped on the old internet to hit up some of my favourite pottery supply places for more.

Couldn't find it anywhere so the next thing was to email Duncan.

Only to find out that apparently this glaze was discontinued in 2009.

So that was a bit disappointing. I love this particular variation for the incense holders.

On the upside, I get to try a bunch of new glazes to see if I can get something close. I think there are a couple Duncan glazes from their other product lines that might suit.

I really need to clean out the shed more often!

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